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Here’s why your Ratings are Bogus

An actual email to an actual radio station following a diatribe from their morning show about their diminished ratings.

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder whether Arbitron is measuring listening or just something masquerading as kinda sorta maybe listening.

“Good morning all, the reason you got such low ratings is because of people like my wife. Arbatron sent her a dollar and said please be ready to answer a few questions when we call. Well they always call when I am not home and my wife (a regular listener) wont pick up the phone if the calling party does’nt ID itself.

We got about four calls from this number and my wife said someone keeps calling from this number but I am not picking it up. I dialed it and it was a recording from arbatron saying what their hours of operation are.

SO, now you must say listen longer, tell a friend to listen, and god dammit pick up the phone when the ratings people call.”

Heart-warming and confidence-building, isn’t it?

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