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Here comes “Social Radio”

While not a new concept, the idea of “social radio” is certainly not something we read about in the radio industry trades.

We know what “social networking” is, of course. And sharing playlists through iTunes and other sources has been around for a while.

But this is the first time I’ve seen a developer create the ability for you to tap into your entire music collection on your home PC via your iPhone – and the music collections of your friends, too – and stream all of the above to your phone, wherever you go.

The penetration of this product will be slowed by the fact that you have to download software to your PC (in addition to the phone app) – and, of course, your friends do, too. Further, the iPhone app is evidently no longer free.

Still, it’s a pretty compelling package and a hot seller on the iPhone that adds another dimension radio stations have yet to provide: Playlists created by the listeners themselves.

You and I can create our own radio stations from our own content and share them with friends who are mobile.

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