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Help me and R&R point the way for Radio’s future – and get your ideas published

It's called "Radio's 2009 Transformation."

I'm teaming up with Radio & Records to get YOUR input on what steps radio needs to take now for a healthy and vibrant future in the years to come.  

As R&R put it:  What's the recipe that every radio broadcaster needs to follow to get ahead of the game in 2009?  What are the best practices that must be followed to compete effectively?  What are the best-in-class ideas that every broadcaster can profit from in a turbulent year? 

That's our question. What are your answers? 

Tell us, in as much depth as you want, what radio needs to do now.

Send your thoughtful and constructive ideas and concepts to by Jan. 30. 

We'll sort through the contributions and publish the best ones online and in R&R magazine. 

The very best contributions as determined by R&R's editors will receive complimentary copies of my new book, Making Waves: Radio on the Verge.

(In the unlikely event you haven't already read it, of course).

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