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HD Radio’s magic act

As I read the headlines about Cox initiating focus groups into the puzzle of how to label HD channels and note the lack of participation from the other big groups – who seem to have their own independent agendas and notion of “best practices”…As I stand back from all the drama, I can’t help but think of a magician:

“Nothing up my sleeve!”

The secret to a good magic act is the ability of the magician to focus your attention away from where it would need to be to see the the magic for what it is: An illusion. Magic is about distraction.

Next week I’ll publish an interview and podcast with Doug Hall, author of several books including Jump Start Your Marketing Brain, founder of the legendary innovation think-tank the Eureka Ranch. Doug’s clients include the biggest names in business; Procter & Gamble, Ford, Nike, Disney, and many more. Doug also hosts a show on public radio and has kept up to speed on HD radio.

What does Doug think?

Pretty much exactly what I think. That HD radio is a distraction from the real challenges and opportunities facing our industry.

This one will bowl you over.

Listen for it next week.

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