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HD Radio Dreamland

This quote is from a CNET article on HD Radio, and it’s from one of us, a broadcaster:

“Multicasting is the killer app.”

You have got to be kidding. Even if multicasting is a desirable thing it’s certainly far short of “killer ap” status in a world where audio is streaming in from every direction, not just the Radio one.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of the audience, there’s no evidence that multicasting is even an irritating app, let alone a killer one.

We are assuming that more choice will be preferred. Where’s the proof of this?

Do you want more kinds of mp3 players? Sure I do. But Apple maintains a commanding lead.

Do you want more kinds of fast food joints? Sure I do. But McDonald’s is likely to be where I go most.

Do you want more stations to listen to? Sure I do. But that doesn’t mean I’ll listen to them.

From misguided assumptions spring bad strategic decisions. Someone has got to ask the hard questions.

But we have to go digital in order to remain competitive, you might say. I agree. But let’s proceed intelligently.

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