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HD Radio does not mean “High Definition”

From a New York Times tech piece on HD Radio:

iBiquity says HD does not stand for high definition – or anything else.

Well then why did they choose this term? Was it a deliberate effort to confuse an already befuddled consumer?

It’s just a couple of meaningless letters, says iBiquity. Just like the “T.J.” in T.J. Cinnamons or the “K” in K-Mart!

It’s strictly a coincidence that “HD” stands for “high definition” in the world of television, where that term is firmly established and exceedingly well branded.

And it’s further a coincidence that “HD” could be aimed at bringing to mind the improved audio experience associated with HDTV, but, says iBiquity, they intended nothing of the kind.

When you select your brand to fit a particular image, why run away from it?

If you want consumers to buy it, then why promote confusion with the very name of the product?

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