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Hands on with radio gadgets

A few interesting things over at Orbitcast you should check out.

First, a hands-on report with Slacker’s new portable unit. And more important than the unit itself is that Slacker says – as you’ve read here before – that their plan is to “Slacker-enable” just about any gadget that can be “Slacker-enabled.” In other words, a personalized radio experience is coming to an everyplace near you – no radio station or tower required.

Second, Ryan at Orbitcast takes a peek at some prototype HD radio portables.

While ever-shrinking HD chipsets – and their potential in portables and cell phones – certainly look interesting, it’s not clear to me that listeners – who have already decided that radio isn’t portable – will change their minds and adopt portable radio when, for example, a 100% personalized yet easy-to-use Slacker experience is equally close at hand and equally ubiquitous.

Not to mention a zillion other radio substitutes and alternatives.

It would be really wise for some leader in our industry to state where we are headed and have at least one egg not in the HD basket.

After all, there are lots of baskets out there. And we own almost none of them.

Like I’ve said before…

What about the content?

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