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Great Talent is Everywhere

Things we whine about:

A) Radio isn’t the kind of environment that properly nurtures talent B) When we need talent we can’t find it – in part because we don’t know how to recognize it C) The best available talent isn’t sitting on the beach reading radio want ads D) So therefore we’ll just make do with what we have

Listen to Tor Hyams and his brother Matt for an example of the kind of talent that doesn’t grow on trees – and if it did it sure wouldn’t be fruit of the low-hanging variety. They’re a couple of multi-talented LA guys who have created a demo they call “Fierce Radio.” (You’ll need RealAudio)

This is good stuff. And it’s not on any radio near you.

In order to solve our talent problems we’re going to have to change where we look, how we look, and the kind of people we look for.

Get busy, gang!

(More about Tor here)

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