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Google wants your sellers

Slipped into the back pages of the radio trades is an ad with a familiar logo. And although it hasn’t made any radio headlines, I have to wonder why not:

Google Audio is looking for sellers.

In Chicago, Santa Monica, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York (here’s the ad online).

Among the responsibilities:

– Sell network, national agency accounts, transactional advertising solutions, and client direct accounts, including custom built advertising solutions. – Research, position, and brand, Google Audio to Buyers, Planners, Account Supervisors, Principals, and direct clients. – Represent Google Audio at local/regional marketing and advertising conferences as well as seminars, where applicable. – Develop strategic direction and plan for the region’s sales efforts. – Cultivate new relationships at all levels to gain depth of agency, direct key and target accounts.

It’s worth noting that while the ad emphasizes “radio” the true nature of the effort is guaranteed to cross distribution channel boundaries – to be truly “audio”: Online, satellite, radio, you name it.

It was a year ago when I said we’re not in the radio business, we’re in the business of audio entertainment and information.

For some folks that doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps Google just made it a little clearer.

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