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Google Audio shifts gears

It seems probable that Google will soon announce a deal with CBS that would provide it a ton of advertising time in major markets. This is outside my area of expertise, but I’m guessing it would provide a cut to CBS while getting Google the inventory it desperately needs to test Google Audio for a list of waiting advertisers.

The NYT story (linked above) suggests that sales staff layoffs at CBS would ensue. And that would mean a long term deal, wouldn’t it?

But check out the pitch for Google Audio – because it’s not only audio:

Google radio ad sales executives recently changed their approach in meetings with potential clients….Sales executives now laud the positives of combined radio and Internet ad campaign, rather than strictly just the “efficiency and efficacy” of Google Audio.

That is, one of the big competitive advantages of Google Audio is that it’s not only audio – it’s audio plus adwords.

Google, in other words, views themselves as the mediators of advertising via technology across as many distribution channels as possible. This is an advantage over any one distribution channel (e.g., radio) viewing itself in the business of that channel alone.

From the perspective of advertisers there is no “radio business.” There’s only the business of connecting consumers with products and services.

[Postscript: Sign up to test Google Audio yourself here]

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