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From today’s news via Max Tolkoff at R&R.

NOTE: They will ALL be doing this shortly. Mark my words.

Alternative’s Golden Age?

A mere 24 hours after the news that KNDD/Seattle is cutting it’s current load and emphasizing more recurrent and gold, in essence aging their station, we get word that WNNX (99X)/Atlanta is taking the same approach. Beginning today, December 19th at 3pm, the station has expanded the play list to cover more 90’s Alternative. This permanent change in philosophy was kicked off with a special “Smells Like The 90’s Weekend”, featuring the music that 99X debuted to the Atlanta audience in the 90’s but hasn’t played as much in recent years. At the conclusion of the weekend, 99X will resume regular programming with a greater emphasis on 90’s Alternative and deeper gold cuts. The station will incorporate the positioner “New Rock and 90’s Alternative” PD Chris Williams plans to continue taking comments from listeners on the 99X feedback line to monitor reaction to this new direction. “So far, so good.” says Leslie Fram Director of Programming for 99X, “The response has been incredible after just one hour.”

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