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Profit through podcasting:

Several small companies are starting to pitch advertising links using their software that will search every word spoken in Web-borne video soundtracks or Internet audio programs known as podcasts. The new technology, from companies including Podzinger Inc., TVEyes Inc. and Blinkx Inc., uses voice-recognition software to translate spoken words into text or audio-wave forms that can then be searched. Identifying spoken content of audio and video clips results in more-relevant results when using a search engine to look for a particular item or topic. From there it is only a short step to also use the new technology to match related advertising with the search results — much as Google Inc. and others do for searches of text-based material.

On the audio side, this is obviously beneficial to all podcasters, not just radio. But familiar radio content will potentially have an edge in the online world based on that familiarity alone. And that can translate to more unique downloads which translates to dollars.

Which radio broadcaster do you think will buy one of these companies?

My guess: None.

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