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Frank Sinatra meets Public Enemy

Sinatra met lots of Public Enemies in his lifetime, but never ones like this.

In the latest example of the way the JACK format has altered radio’s mindset, Philadelphia’s WXPN (always a broad station from its beginning) has found a way go to uber-broad:

Assistant Programming GM Bruce Warren says the station is now featuring the 885 All Time Greatest Albums.

Says Warren:

…and last week we started the playback of the albums. We got 5500 top ten lists from listeners (about 20 percent of our cume); and we also got dozens of musicians lists. Basically we started at 885; we’re now up to #389. Albums 885-500 we played 2 songs from; currently we’re playing 3 songs; and we’ll be playing the top 25 albums in their entirety. The reaction to this so far has been, I think, as they say, “off the hook.” We’re seeing 30% increases in online listening. Thousands of listeners are posting comments on our boards (communities having conversations); there are a handful of listeners and members blogging about the countdown; and the countdown beats the we play anything concept that Jack offers up. In fact, during the countdown we really have been playing anything. Take a look at the lists so far and you’ll see that while there’s some AAA/Rock and roll classics, we’ve also played Coltrane, Jesus Christ Superstar, Public Enemy, Frank Sinatra.

See the effort in progress here.

While this is a promotion not for all tastes, when your audience is comprised of music fans, you can’t do better than to play the best of all time.

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