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For Today’s Youth, Life is but a Stream

From MediaPost:

Streaming music is as common a practice as streaming video, with Gen Y spending an average of two hours and 40 minutes a week listening to streaming radio stations. Services such as Pandora and Spotify give users access to hundreds of thousands of songs at their fingertips. Traditional terrestrial radio still accounts for the lion’s share of radio listening at a little over four hours a week, however, Gen Y spends just one half-hour less streaming feeds from traditional radio stations and online-only stations combined.

It is pointless to talk about how much bigger traditional radio is than the services which jockey for a piece of traditional radio’s pie.  That’s because it’s not just about what’s big today – it’s about what will be big tomorrow.  And if recent history has proved anything, it’s that things can become very big very fast.

This piece from MediaPost didn’t provide source data, but if we assume this conclusion to be accurate, then it signals that young people are viewing “radio” far more expansively than their elders – even their elders who work in the radio industry (stations that still aren’t streaming, I’m talking to you).

How are you planning for a future where the audience sees no difference between one distribution channel and another, seeking out the content regardless of its source?

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