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For those of you who use Bloglet

A lot of you folks receive this blog in headline form daily, thank to Bloget.

Like all good utilities, when Bloglet works it’s great, and when it doesn’t it sucks. And right now it doesn’t. And, by the way, this affects not just me but every subscriber to every blog that uses Bloglet to publish emails.

So that means that until the powers-that-be sort this one out, your daily emails will not be forthcoming.

That said, this affords you a golden opportunity to familiarize yourself with RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which is the way everyone will be receiving this stuff in the future.

Just click on the XML button at the left or go here and you’ll see instructions on how you can get the “feed” of this blog on a daily basis (along with any other blog you’re interested in).

I really do highly recommend it.


Bloglet seems to be back online. Still, I recommend you go RSS.

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