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FlyTunes – Radio for the iPod that eliminates Radio Stations

Here’s a peek at FlyTunes, another of what will be a long list of radio-like services for iPod Touch and the iPhone.

This one – like many to follow – is “Safari-based,” meaning it just needs a WiFi connection (and perhaps not even that) to cache a radio station that can be customized to your liking…

…and, of course, involves not a single terrestrial radio station.

The thing you guys need to understand is that just as music has been untethered from CD’s, radio will be untethered from radio stations.

This is the most important lesson I can give you.

And once you break radio away from radio towers and the stations that serve them, almost anybody can build a “station” and almost anybody can be a radio industry competitor – especially if music is primarily what you’re about.

All you need is distribution (and perhaps a touch more simplicity).

What’s also interesting about FlyTunes is that it is presented as a “satellite radio-killer.” And here you thought that would be HD, right?

Here’s a closer look at FlyTunes…

…where we learn that Quiet Riot is evidently an Alternative band.

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