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Every Seller should read this post

What can we learn about the ads viewers skip – and don’t skip – on their DVR’s?

IF THERE’S ONE LESSON [we can learn from the spots viewers skip and don’t] it’s that relevancy outweighs creativity in TV commercials–by a lot. The ads on the “least-fast-forwarded” list aren’t funny, they aren’t touching, and they aren’t clever. And they don’t have big budgets. Several throw 800-numbers at you at the end. But all of these ads are well-tailored to their audiences.

Does your sales department talk about relevance?

In TV, viewers fast-forward through a spot when it’s not relevant. In radio, they simply punch the button.

The primary issue with our advertising is not how the spots are choreographed across the hour, not how they are knit together from 5 second, 30 second, and 60 second bits, not whether they are bundled together or spread apart to maximize the music sweep. The primary issue is whether or not your spots are relevant for your audience.

And if they’re not, the sound you hear will be your audience punching the button.

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