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Even in a Media Tempest, Some Things Endure

While this piece by CBS correspondent Jeff Greenfield isn't focused on radio, I think his point rings true for our industry as much as any other.  He's writing about the 30th anniversary of the landmark CBS TV show "Sunday Morning," but he could also be writing about us.

He closes with these words:

Whether on a TV screen or computer or cell phone or toaster, the fundamental things still apply (or should). A love of story-telling, a love of clear, vivid language, a respect for history – the world didn't start five years ago, even if YouTube did – these still matter most. Which may be one big reason why 30 years on, this broadcast endures.

If you consider radio to be defined by the unique value of what's on it, then the world is your oyster.

If, however, you define radio as being the most convenient source of the content you can hear anywhere and everywhere else, but in a lowest-common-denominator blend, then it's time to pack your bags.

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