Early Results of Mercury / Point to Point’s NEW Radio Marketing Study

I’m only printing here what Radio & Records has already printed. More will come shortly. And the full results will be published once we present them on June 24.

From R&R:

New research indicates that likely Arbitron diarykeepers are more interested in satellite radio (63%) than the general public (52%). And 20% of likely diarykeepers are “very” or “extremely interested” in satellite radio. The Point-To-Point/Mercury Radio Research study conducted in May also found that 70% of radio listeners have heard of satellite services; XM has 60% awareness, while Sirius enjoys 40%. Interest among African Americans is highest by far, followed by men 18-24, women 18-24 and men 25-44. Format-specific listeners who are most likely to become subscribers: Active Rock, CHR/Rhythmic, Christian, Smooth Jazz, Sports and Urban.

I want to elaborate on a couple things:

1. Why are diarykeepers more interested in Satellite Radio than the average person?

I suspect it’s because diarykeepers tend to be fans of radio and that means they tend to be, more often than not, either fans of music or folks who enjoy it a lot. You don’t fill out a survey on gourmet food if you hate it, and you don’t return an Arbitron Diary if you aren’t into radio and music.

Naturally, Satellite Radio provides an abundance of varied music choices. Thus the attraction.

2. Why is interest among African Americans is highest by far?

The opinions of this group index relatively high on almost everything, and this question is no exception. I actually think their attraction to satellite radio needs to be considered on a different scale than the attraction of the average respondent for that reason. In other words, I think this conclusion is somewhat overstated.

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