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Don’t say “We’re Censored”?

Today’s Inside Radio notes that jocks shouldn’t say they’re “censored” or “delayed” on-air. Nor should they make references like “we can’t use the real word.”

All that, says Inside Radio, reminds listeners there’s content there they can’t hear and many – especially younger ones – consider this a patronizing turnoff.

Yes, many do consider this a patronizing turnoff, but Inside Radio’s advice is dead wrong.

If listeners care so much about edgy content then the jocks most certainly should wave in their face that it’s no longer permissable. That way, the audience can and should call, write, fax, and email their congressional representative and ask that they respond to the folks who voted them in.

If this is the kind of programming folks want, then we should invite listeners to demand it.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Let the jocks vent their frustration, and let the audience activate their rage.

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