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Does your station’s website speak RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a way for folks interested in your content to get it delivered to them without spam and on a strictly voluntary basis.

Check out what WBAL provides for an example of how to do it well in our industry.

If you are an information station, RSS is a no-brainer. But there’s no reason it can’t be used for your high-powered Morning Show. You could, for example, post what guests are coming up on the show and – boom! – with no effort on your part every interested listener gets a message that cues them to listen to the morning show.

How many Morning Shows are being syndicated via RSS? I’m aware of exactly…zero. Lost opportunity.

This site, the Radio Marketing Nexus, has its own RSS and hundreds of readers are reading this headline thanks to it.

If you want to learn more about this, see the WBAL page.

If you want to get the Nexus via RSS you can click on the “syndicate this site” link to the upper right if you have the appropriate newsreader. Otherwise, the easiest bet is to click on the “Feedburner” link to the left and follow the easy instructions.

Feedburner has another benefit, too. It automatically adds the necessary programming that enables my ability to Podcast. And I can promise you I’ll be downloading topical discussions about the future of our industry to your iPods soon.

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