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Does your station create live and original video webcasts?


Well, you could.

And if you think you can create something both attractive and valuable – and you can monetize it – you should.

Here’s an example of the live streaming show TV station KRIV creates every day.

According to lostremote:

…the program that MyFoxHouston is producing is above and beyond most others. The show is made up of several people at the station, including some who don’t usually appear in front of the camera. Watching the show is like watching a group of friends hang out and talk about what’s going on. Karen Koch, the producer of the webcast (when she isn’t doing her full-time job in the promotions dept), says the goal was to create a program that is fresh and unique. “Our GM and News Director led the way with a real pioneering spirit, and our corporate folks gave us the freedom to ‘have fun.’ So we did,” said Koch. “In the middle of the busy news day, our Webcast provides a quirky oasis where staffers can contribute content that doesn’t fit the traditional news mold. It’s a chance for everyone to show off different skills and fresh ideas, and I think people really value that.”

The thing you really need to understand is that when radio’s future shifts increasingly online, then the scope of content you can and should offer is transformed.

You’re no longer in the radio business. You’re in the “new media” business. What “radio” gives you is a competitive advantage down one content path, but ultimately your web strategy is about building, nurturing, satisfying, and activating an audience in service to your brand and to advertisers.

No matter how you accomplish that.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Jul 27, 2022

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