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Did you bake “Desire” into your Brand?

Recently I caught up with my friend Tom Asacker (who has a great new book coming out, by the way – more about Opportunity Screams in this blog soon).

We were discussing my belief that, contrary to common belief in the radio industry, awareness for a radio brand is produced by passion for that radio brand, not vice versa.  Yes, you read that right.  Passion first – awareness follows.

Or, as Tom puts it, “desire stimulates interest.”

And desire doesn’t come because of unlimited advertising or clever promotion. Desire comes because of what’s literally baked into the product itself.  Then and only then do we have a chance for interest to develop (let alone “awareness”).

So the obvious question for you, the broadcaster or brand-maker, is this:  What did you bake into your product to make it desirable?

Don’t talk to me about marketing.  Don’t talk to me about awareness.

Talk to me about what’s there for me to care about?

What’s there to drive my desires and feed my hungers?

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