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Cramer trashes Radio Stocks again

Another week, another vicious and hysterical rant from CNBC’s Jim Cramer on the fortunes of one of his favorite whipping boys, radio stocks.

This particular Jim-splosion is so nasty that I almost didn’t share it with you. But I changed my mind, and here’s why:

Radio has never been about Wall Street. It has always been about Main Street. Take that, Wall Street power-broker and the greedy bastards who suck at your teat.

Main Street, not Wall Street. And Main Street is where radio works and is healthy.

Whatever the rising or falling fortunes of radio stocks, there are few better ways to connect merchants and their stuff with the consumers who want them. Radio works for them – you know it and I do. And isn’t that what’s important?

What’s more, the new media revolution provides incredibly powerful tools to radio stations nationwide, any of which can dramatically enhance our ability to please our audiences and thrill our clients. All of which benefit from one simple fact: Every radio station has a loudspeaker into the entire local market and the ears of hundreds of thousands of listeners – an advantage the average new media startup can only envy.

So before you pour a stiff one thanks to Mr. Cramer, consider that.

And also consider the question one radio broadcaster cleverly asked me: “Do you suppose Cramer’s saying this because his radio show got cancelled?”

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