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Congratulations, you’re in the TV business, too

More evidence of how the proliferation of home-based broadband is changing the media landscape: Pew says that 57 million Americans watch online video content every day. That’s 19% of American adult Internet users. Americans between ages 18-29 are the most video-voracious; 31% of them watch online videos every day. My take: A job title of the future for marketing departments is Video Producer. Like a news producer at a television station, she decides every day what’s worth covering at the company and produces a short video segment for YouTube, the company blog or even the company intranet. When the media landscape changes that dramatically, it creates significant ripples. Telling your company’s ongoing story on a daily or weekly basis via online video is looking a lot like the future of marketing and advertising.

Maybe a little like this, from Phoenix’s 98.7 The Peak, a station with their own online TV channel

Advertising? Entertainment? Guess.

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