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Clear Channel gets set to JACK things up

My spies tell me that Clear Channel is only a few weeks away from debuting their clone of the new JACK format. Beginning of May at the outside.

From what I hear, it doesn’t add any new twists. I also hear they tested a series of names.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that we’ll see it pop up in a bunch of markets at once, as Clear Channel tries to stem the erosion from its own stations and halt JACK’s momentum among its competitors.

I’m further going to guess that Clear Channel will, in some cases, throw their JACK version at existing ones in direct head-to-head battles. Not because it’s smart strategy. Just because Clear Channel is big enough to sacrifice radio stations in service to the larger cluster’s strategic goals.

So the lesson to you all is: Move fast or don’t move at all.

By the way, as names go, I favor “Mark.”

Hey, it works for Avon.

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