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Carmel Group’s embarrassing flip-flop

So is satellite radio competitive with other audio entertainment media (as most thoughtful people believe) or is it not (as the NAB-sponsored Carmel Group report indicated).

Well it turns out the Carmel Group believes the answer is…

Whatever you want to hear!

And you should read it. Because it seems the very consulting firm that scoffs at the notion that satellite radio competes with regular radio, mp3’s, etc. is quoted in an earlier statement saying exactly the opposite.

This is a big deal because if satellite radio is part of a much larger pie, then two companies – XM and Sirius – can join without forming a monopoly, but if satellite radio is an island, then the law requires them to remain separate.

If you think there’s egg on NAB’s face now, then wait for the article in tomorrow’s (Friday’s) New York Post.

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