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Canadian Radio goes where Americans fear to tread

Those innovative Canadians are at it again. From the homeland of the JACK format comes a major Podcasting effort.

The headline:

Radio station 104.5 CHUM FM in Toronto is launching a daily podcast next month, the first of many such podvertunities unfolding within the CHUM empire. The debut pod property is its popular morning show with Roger, Rick & Marilyn, downloadable in a handy mp3 version weekdays from 5:00 a.m. at, beginning May 2.

And yes, advertising will be included:

Says Marc Charlebois, general sales manager of 1050 CHUM and CHUM FM: “This creates an engaging marketing opportunity for our clients. It’s online; it’s offline. We can integrate client content into the podcast. Whereas on the morning show hosts may not expand on ad messages since they have to get right back to the music, in the podcast they can. “A sponsorship is one-dimensional. But if [an advertiser] can engage the audience with the message and give them an incentive to go back to our site or their site – the value of that one-to-one marketing is where a lot of our business is going.”

More here.

(Thanks to Tod Maffin for the link)

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