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Can Your Company Pass the Broadcasting Culture Test?


Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh argues that "your culture is your brand."  And since your culture is about who works for and with you, your people are really your brand.

So how healthy is your culture – your brand?

Take this test and find out.  And ask yourself what the answers might be if every broadcaster asked their employees these questions.

Having worked with both commercial and non-commercial broadcasters (both public and Christian), I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the answers make a big difference.

1. I believe the company has a higher purpose than just profits (Agree? Disagree?)

2.  My role at this company has a real purpose – it is more than just a job (Agree? Disagree?)

3. I feel that I am in control of my career path and that I am progressing in my personal and professional development at this company (Agree? Disagree?)

4. I consider my co-workers to be like my family and friends (Agree? Disagree?) 

5. I am very happy in my job (Agree? Disagree?)

Would your company even consider bothering to ask you these questions?

And would they care about your answers?

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