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Can you say “anal-retentive”? reveals a shocking statistic: The folks on Howard Stern’s show cuss.

I say “shocking” because FMG’s got a “shockulator” which evidently reflects what it’s like to monitor conversations among guys anywhere in the world if you have the sensibilities of a Jane Austen debutante.

I don’t know about you, but if the goal of this group is to protect kids from foul language they had better go door-to-door and muzzle every dad and more than a few moms.

Says Radio Business Report:

The results work out to a pace of 3.08 instances [of profanity or other salacious wordplay] per minute, up from 2.23 incidents per minute on the initial show. From MDC: “Based on proprietary, database-driven technology which utilizes approximately 4,000 rules and algorithms, a specially trained staff of auditors record instances of profanity, sex, violence, substance abuse and illegal behavior in current film releases, DVDs, TV programs, music videos, radio programs, websites and video games.”

A “database-driven technology which utilizes approximately 4,000 rules and algorithms?”

We can’t fill a pothole but we can build a computer which counts swear words.

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