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Can DVR’s help Radio?

One would think this might be an opportunity for radio:

A survey, by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Forrester Research, found that 78% of advertisers feel that traditional television advertising has become less effective in the past two years. The survey also found that marketers are exploring emerging technologies to help bolster their television advertising spend.

I can tell you that in my household we don’t watch a single TV spot on any program recorded on our DVR. Why would we? We’re not nuts.

For the moment at least, radio spots cannot be so easily skipped the way TV ones can (the station can always be changed, of course, but there’s nothing new about that. You can switch a TV station, too).

Why are advertisers moving money into emerging technologies instead of radio? Is it as simple as the pretty pictures? Or is it the kind of accountability promised by PPM and other forthcoming – and expensive – measurement technologies?

What is it worth to you to keep radio competitive?

As for TV, will their models simply evolve to more than make up for the impact of the DVR?

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