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Bye-bye Radio Superstars!

Regarding the pending replacement of Howard Stern on Infinity stations: Group head Joel Hollander said: “One thing you should expect not to happen…is one person to be dropped in to replace him at 27 radio stations.” Hollander also told attendees that at the last quarter, Infinity singled out eight stations to focus on and try to make better. Of the eight stations, six showed significant increases, including KJKK (Jack) Dallas and WZGC (Dave FM) Atlanta.

Two things worthy of note here:

First, there you have the official word: There will be no Stern-level star replacing Radio’s only Stern-level star. This is another way of saying there will never ever again be another national Radio star. Let the wistful nostalgia begin. Not the strategy I would have chosen, but there it is, nonetheless.

Second, those two stations Joel mentioned: KJKK and WZGC have something else in common besides being members of the Infinity family:

They’re also Mercury clients.

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