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Buzzmachine evaluates the Infinity announcements

Howard Stern’s replacements and the new FREE FM….

A pretty remarkable roundtable of opinion in (for the sake of you newbies) one of the most noted and venerable media blogs out there, Jeff Jarvis’s Buzzmachine.

A roundtable which includes yours truly (thanks Jeff).

The main point I feel compelled to make here is that folks are knee-jerking about the loss of Howard Stern (as Jeff certainly is). Believe me, I understand and second that emotion (as the song goes). But in fairness you should give these new moves a chance.

Radio is so often scorned for its lack of risk taking, and here we have a situation where a slew of risks are taken concurrently. Give the industry its due. It’s trying to do something different. And my opinion, for what its worth, is that all of these stations will be better off in the future than they are today. Every last one.

That doesn’t mean what you’ll be hearing will be “better” than Howard. Or even as good. But it will be new and different from what Howard has left in his wake.

And for the record, it is very possible that Adam Carolla could indeed be as good as Howard eventually (as for David Lee Roth, the less said the better). Remember, Conan O’Brien stunk up the stage for a year before hitting his stride.

It’s a well established fact that successful entertainment shows on radio take at least one year and usually two to really enter their prime.

Try it. See if you like it.

After all, it’s FREE.

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