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Building Brands with Word-of-Mouth

MediaWeek UK’s Andy Fry writes about how hot brands can pop out of nowhere on the power of word of mouth. Interesting patterns emerge about which types of products are most successful. Look for: 1) Products that serve well-linked communities, such as kids’ shows that are talked about in preschools 2) Products that attract visible insiders, such as the DJs that first showed the iPod to club kids; or 3) Products that are natural connectors such as eBay or social network web sites, which are fundamentally about making introductions.

So for your radio station, this means to maximize buzz you must:

1) Build, serve, and connect with communities of listeners whose interests intersect with what your station provides. Go deep in these communities and word will spread.

2) Target well-connected insiders. Not necessarily your station’s biggest fans but folks who are well-connected to lots of other folks in your potential audience. Think about this one.

3) “Make introductions” with everything you send out. Direct mail, email, etc. Everything should have a “send a friend” or “share with a friend” feature. This will exponentially increase your station’s news

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