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Bill Figenshu’s Radio Predictions for 2006

Here’s a prediction or twelve!

– At least one, maybe two new networks will emerge. They will challenge the traditional networks with innovative programming & talent. – The business of national business will experience an extreme makeover. – Spotloads will decrease even further. (except spoken word) – At least one radio group owner will have personnel changes at the top. Others will change their operating philosophy from corporate based to station based. – Mel will be back in commercial radio somewhere. Did I say Mel? I meant Randy! – You will have more competition than ever. (WiFi anyone?) – The cost of high rated/high revenue talent will be very expensive. – Expensive low rated talent will be gone, and fast! – At least one additional radio show will emerge as the “hot” new show. – At least one additional radio company will emerge as the “hot”new operator. – At least one additional radio support company will emerge as the “hot”new company. – Radio operations will change, or fail. The present operating philosophy will be modified. It has to! The current results are not acceptable.

For more, go here.

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