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Beware Fairy Tale Marketing

And I like it so much I’m going to copy it verbatim:

Does marketing need reform?

The answer to the question of marketing needing reform may be as simple as marketers TELLING THE STORY and not MAKING UP A STORY about why their brands/products/services are remarkable.

TELLING THE STORY is about designing marketing communications to deliver on the promise all the while being clever, savvy, authentic, and true to the brand. It’s about treating consumers as being interesting and interested.

Apple always tells the story.

MAKING UP A STORY is when marketers engage in outrageously gimmicky attention-grabbing antics that over-promise and woefully under-deliver. These marketers treat consumers as being boring, indifferent, and brainlessly gullible.

Burger King seems to always make up a story.

It’s no wonder consumers have become jaded, cynical, and distrustful of marketing – they’re forced to endure fairy tale marketing from marketers.

My comments:

Even the most cursory listening to your radio station reveals a zillion spots with a manufactured (read: fake-sounding) story. And our own “stories,” as demonstrated by our own TV spots, aren’t much better.

It’s the difference between being real and being Mother Goose.

It’s the difference between authenticity and “Best Mix”icity.

You choose. Or your audience will do it for you.

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