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B101 in Philly is doing some smart stuff

I don’t work with these guys, but I know good stuff when I see it.

The latest issue of their listener email has only three very simple, very clean, very short, and very powerful messages – with zero attached client plugs.

1. Special focus on Music from the 70’s

B101 is turning back the clock to the 1970’s all day Saturday from 6:00am to 12:00 midnight. It’s Saturday at the 70’s on B101! Hear all the great songs of the 70’s… the songs you grew up with!

All day this Saturday, we’ll put the spotlight on the decade that gave us some of the biggest hits of all-time… 1970 through 1979. Every song is from the 70’s this Saturday on the Bee!

Peek back and you’ll see a post I made on this issue of “lost 70’s.” Glad to see B is picking up the slack. Granted, they have a Gold AC competitor in that market, but this type of programming is no less smart if your market lacks this kind of competition. It’s just plain smart Soft AC programming.

2. Be in the next B100 TV spot

It’s time for another B101 TV Commercial and we’re looking for listeners just like you!

Would you like to audition? Do you know someone who may be great for our next real listener commercial?

Very, very smart. And something I’ve recommended to a bunch of stations. Involve the audience in your TV and the BUZZ will follow. Put ’em in the spots or have them produce the spots. Either way. Same outcome. Simple, simple, simple, and effective, effective, effective. And rarely, rarely, rarely done.

3. Save up to $16 on Phillies tix as a “Bmail” subscriber

This is called a BENEFIT of MEMBERSHIP. Again, simple, clear, short, easy, impactful, and oh so rare.

Kudos to Jerry Lee and the gang at B100.

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