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Are you Targeting the “Average” Listener?

Radio is all about the average listener, of course. But do you know who that is? And are you really speaking a language she understands?

Adapted (and personalized to radio) from pollster Frank Luntz’s book Words That Work come these guiding principles for effective communication:

1. Simplicity is important because the average radio listener hasn’t graduated from a four-year college.

2. Brevity is important because she doesn’t have time to think about what you’re saying. She has to sort it out immediately.

3. Credibility is important because she has been misinformed too many times to trust what products promise her.

4. Consistency is important because she won’t hear you the first, second, or even third time you speak to her.

5. Novelty is important because you need to stand out. If you aren’t different, you’ll get lost.

6. Sound – alliteration – is important because you need to break through the clutter.

7. Aspiration is important because you know that she dreams of a better life. If she sees your words in her dreams she’ll listen to you.

8. Relevance is important because the greater the impact you can demonstrate on her daily life, the more likely she is to pay attention to what you say.

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