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“Arbitron Rated #1” – Case Closed

Arbitron has responded to my post yesterday about the station that improperly identified itself as "Arbitron-rated #1 at Work."

Indeed, they are not. And Arbitron’s rep called them yesterday to ask them to stop.

Although Arbitron has asked me not to publish their specific reply to my post, the essence of it is that their rules are their rules. And it’s their intention to see to it that you follow them.

Good for them. Good for you and me.

Arbitron argues that this issue doesn’t matter to listeners, and indeed it doesn’t. But in my mind it’s not about what matters to listeners, it’s about what influences them. And when you’re the number one bestseller on the New York Times list, you’d be a fool not to proclaim it from a mountaintop.

Everybody loves a winner because "popular" implies "good." We want what everyone else wants. Don’t confuse benefit with psychology.

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