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Apply Seth Godin’s three secrets to web traffic

And they are (drumroll please):

– Useful – Updated – Unique Useful:

The reason [readers] show up in search is simple: [Useful websites] solve a problem. They solve a problem without ego, without distraction and with authority and confidence. And they solve it better than any other page. That last part is critical. No one cares if your [site] is good. They care if it’s great. Irresistible. The one and only best spot online. Not in your opinion of course, but in their opinion.

For radio: “Useful” is too often defined as “useful to the radio station,” not “useful to the audience.” Listeners will visit your website for their reasons, not yours.


Search engines and blogs are now obsessed with recency. The theory is simple: the web moves fast, faster than any medium ever. So recently updated pages are worth more than old pages, all other things being equal. In general, updated, fresh pages beat old ones.

For radio: Plenty of sites are updated regularly and thoroughly. And plenty are not. Have you made it easy for listeners to find what’s new? Because if the novelty jumps out, listeners are more likely to return for it. Have you made it easy for listeners to “subscribe” to what’s new?


In the haystack of the web, there’s not a lot of room for me too. If you build a page and use almost no effort, rely on defaults, write as little as you can, find no original links and copy and paste text from Amazon, don’t be at all surprised if you don’t get any traffic. In a world of millions of choices, you don’t deserve any traffic, do you? The most successful…blogs and the best stores, are all filled with unique stuff. Remarkable stuff, even. Stuff worth talking about. Links you can’t find anywhere else. Collections of information that actually make a point. Hand-built organization that teaches. Copy that’s worth reading.

For radio: What are the magnets on your site? What are the “only-here’s”?

More here.

Thanks to Seth Godin.

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