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Another way for radio to make – and lose – money

Like a song on your favorite radio station?

Buy it – from your mobile phone.

With some of the revenue flowing to the station itself.

It’s new in the UK [more], and it’s called Cliq, an “instant music buying service.”

This sounds rather like a new service from Verizon Wireless which enables you to be a “music hunter”:

Hear a song that you like but don’t know the title? ID it! V CAST SongID will listen to virtually any recorded music and give you back the title, artist and album. ID millions of tracks from hip hop to jazz, rock to alternative, latin to house and everything in between. Then buy the matching ringtone, ringback tone or full song with just one click from VZW Tones or V CAST Music. Don’t just listen to music, be a music hunter with V CAST SongID.

It’s the ultimate in convenience. Except in the latter case there is no cut for the radio station. In fact, your station is essentially being hijacked by Verizon to line its own pockets.

Welcome to a new world of boundless competition.

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