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Another spin on Podcasting

In commemoration of their 50th anniversary, Disney has recorded some podcast adventures down Main Street. Interviews and other chestnuts. All from their press event back in May.

Forget whether everyone will want to download these or not. I’m guessing those folks interested will download them and the rest will skip them. Just as those folks interested in reading more details about a new car will download the brochure, while most will skip it. This is a service for those interested, not for everyone. And that is called “marketing.”

Think about this from the perspective of your radio station, especially if your station isn’t morning show-focused.

Could you create and post podcasts about your station – not just remnants from the morning show? Consider, for example, “Tom Chiusano’s Diary” (Tom is Howard Stern’s boss), or a series of interviews with the airstaff, or a couple jocks debating their favorite new artists, or backstage audio from a station show, etc. These are things which can illustrate facets of your station that will be of interest to those who are interested.

They round out your image in the minds of listeners and build your brand.

Of course they have to be entertaining or interesting or, ideally, both.

But what a great way to get your message out – directly to the audience.

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