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And today’s “special event” is…?

My wife is a yoga teacher and owns her own studio.

This past weekend she hosted a special event. Interestingly, attendance at the classes on the day following that event was up.

The lesson is this:

When you do something special it attracts fans to what’s special and to the rest of what you offer, too. The special things halo over the rest of your brand. They deepen and enrich the experience you offer and make it (as Seth Godin would say) “remarkable.”

In the radio world, our emphasis is too often directed towards:

A) Doing the same things we have always done because we mistake where the “bar” is for where it must be raised.

B) Cutting back to the bare essentials of our service – trimming out all the extras and the costs associated with them.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, the saying goes.

And nothing “special,” nothing gained either.

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