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And speaking of Starbucks….

Here’s an idea every radio station should incorporate.

And the idea is to welcome ideas.

It’s called “My Starbucks Idea,” and it’s part of the company’s recently announced revitalization plan.

The concept involves creating a forum for consumers (i.e., listeners) to contribute and discuss ideas for your brand (i.e., station).

The site includes four elements:

SHARE: Post your Starbucks Idea—from ways we could improve to things we’ve never even thought of.

VOTE: Check out other people’s ideas and vote on the ones you like best. The community votes. The community decides.

DISCUSS: Talk about ideas with other customers and our Starbucks Idea Partners and help make them even better.

SEE: This is the proof. See which of your ideas were the most popular and watch as we take action.

Note that Starbucks is attempting to create a complete feedback loop.

It’s not simply the lazy old radio trick of “we’re building your station – tell us what you want.” It’s evidence of what people are asking for, what is most popular, and what Starbucks is actually doing about it.

And meanwhile, it builds Starbucks’ community and engages its consumers for their own benefit and that of the brand.

What’s not to like.

You would be wise to follow this example.

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