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Adam Curry: “It is totally going to kill the business model of radio”

Adam is talking about his babe-in-arms, Podcasting, in this article.

All I can say is this: Desktop Publishing didn’t kill the business model of booksellers and Desktop Video hasn’t killed Hollywood. But they have enriched the consumer experience nonetheless.

I think Podcasting is in the same category.

And I certainly don’t see why this tachnology can’t be used by a Radio Station for fun and profit if it can be used by a 12-year-old in his bedroom as a hobby.

Note a key section of this article:

One [Podcaster], Eric Rice, has won sponsorship from Warner Bros. He can now legally play the music of a band Warner Bros wants to push.

That is, Podcasting is being used for promotion. Can’t you smell that $, Radio?

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