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Adam Carolla sparks an Important New Trend

It's not news that Adam Carolla and CBS Radio are again joined at the hip – but I don't think most broadcasters recognize how consequential this is.

Former syndicated morning man Adam Carolla has partnered with CBS Radio to have his podcast featured on CBS stations’ websites. He’ll also program his own streaming radio station, K-ACE, which will feature highlights from his podcasts, along with rock music chosen by Carolla. It debuts Sept. 28 and will be heard on CBS Radio’s streaming platform, Yahoo Music Radio, AOL Radio and on several mobile devices. In addition to featuring the podcast on its websites, ad sales for the podcast will be handled by CBS Radio.

This is the syndication of content in digital form using the expansive CBS radio platform and the powerful CBS promotional loudspeakers formerly known as "radio stations."

You have every reason – every reason – to develop digital media stars and syndicate them across your digital portfolio.  This is absolutely a rising trend for which the Carolla move is only the kickoff.

Look for CBS to make Carolla – and much more content – available across their digital platforms.  

And then look for CBS to make those platforms available to you, competing broadcasters – because distribution abhors a vacuum.  And revenue likes to be split in exchange.

Meanwhile, of course, you're building out your own digital platforms and your own digital stars.

Aren't you?

Get this message clearly:  You can create more audience traction and generate more revenue by providing digital entertainment which is not redundant to what's on the air than you can by that which is redundant.

Adam shows the way.  

Follow him.

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