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A Rant on Internet Radio

I'm in a rant-a-riffic mood today, and the topic is streaming.

To clarify, I'm not suggesting you shouldn't stream your own station, I'm saying you shouldn't ONLY do so.

And when i argue in one breath that we make listeners jump through "too many hoops" to hear our stream and in the next breath that we should gather more demographic details, it's up to you to understand those two things are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, what I'm talking about is the kind of "listen now" link that takes you to a page where you have to click something else to "listen now."  Hoops, hoops, hoops.


P.S. I pray for the day when I can stop using the clunky and ugly word "streaming" and call it what it is, "Internet Radio."  

Or, as Pandora calls it, just plain "radio."

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