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A Howard Stern podcast without…Howard Stern

Here we are at the end of Howard Stern’s debut week on SIRIUS and a check of his podcast (prominently displayed at iTunes) reveals…

No Howard Stern.

After one week, we have a 77 second video promo for the show, posted before the show debuted, and a random three minute clip from Bubba the Love Sponge.

It seems to me that you don’t call a podcast the “Howard Stern podcast” and then forget to include any Howard Stern.

It also seems to me that Howard’s name is not an excuse to expose the rest of his program schedule. You don’t tune in to the show called American Idol and expect to find The O.C. simply because they’re both on FOX.

Don’t want to give it away for free? Fine. Then nix the charade. Or deliver the goods.

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