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A Holiday Wish

As we wind down 2009, thanks for being part of the community of people who follow and contribute to this blog and the other social media assets – audio, video, etc. – that swirl around my world and yours.

It has been a profoundly transitional year, and I see great things on the horizon for those of us bold enough to create the future that awaits.

2010 will bring more challenges and more opportunities.  As for this blog, I'm already lining up content to inform and enlighten and provoke you in the new year.

I have endeavored, as ever, to tow no company line.  I have tried to shoot straight, always with the long term interests of the radio industry (in its broadest possible definition) in mind.  I have tried not to suffer fools or agendas.  I have tried to add value to our collective working lives and make a difference, however small, in our world.

The reach of our medium is so vast, its potential for influence and positive change is likewise vast.  And that, my friends, is what it's really about.

So at this time of year in particular, my sincerest wish is that all of you recognize that, as an agent of that change, you are the luckiest man or woman in your corner of Bedford Falls.

Happy holidays, and I'll see you in 2010.

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