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7 Days of Seth – Chapter 3 – “What happens to Radio when every car is WiFi?”


In Chapter 3, Seth asks what happens when every car has Wi-Fi and every driver chooses the radio station that’s perfect for him – and it’s not based on or limited to geography?

"7 Days of Seth" is an extensive discussion with marketing guru Seth Godin about his new book, The Dip, and about the future of the radio industry – in seven daily audio chapters.

Most folks in radio are familiar with Godin, author of previous bestsellers like Permission Marketing and Purple Cow.

Chapter 1: "The Short Head beats the Long Tail" Chapter 2: "Is Radio Headed for a Dead End?" Chapter 3: "What happens to Radio when every car is WiFi?" Chapter 4: "How Wall Street is Killing Radio" Chapter 5: "Why HD Radio is NOT the Answer" Chapter 6: "Radio should be in the Relationship Business" Chapter 7: "How Screwed is the Music Business?"

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